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The Digital Feminists of Carolina project seeks to give transparency to the significant questions of

who is doing digital humanities work at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,
what kind of work they are engaged in,
how and why this digital labor matters in terms of wider gender dynamics in feminist practice.
This project, therefore, is a case-study by which to understand the gendered division of labor in digital humanities project-building at a major public university. Though there is much conversation about the gendered division of labor among the faculty, graduate students, and staff members engaged in digital humanities project building, there remains little documentation of those structures. Digital Feminists of Carolina responds to this lack with video-based oral histories conducted with those who identify both as feminists and digital humanists.

This project also serves as a form of community building, connecting digital feminists in our campus community to each other and to each other’s work. Digital Feminists of Carolina is a living project; we are still documenting experiences and stories that point towards what it means and what it could mean to be a feminist engaged in digital work.

You can explore interviews by theme, or by interviewee. All hand-written images are from notes taken during interviews by the interviewers and do not reflect the exact words of our interviewees.

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