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Inspired by the Equal Justice Initiative’s recent report on lynchings in the American South, Locating Lynching seeks to locate and document lynchings in North Carolina using DH Press.

Begun in February of 2015 and powered by students in the First Year Seminar Introduction to Digital Humanities (AMST 89), Locating Lynching aims to

pinpoint, using latitude-longitude pairs, the locations of lynchings in North Carolina.
provide access to relevant manuscript material, particularly digital newspaper articles.
offer users both broad and specific information about lynching in North Carolina for research, teaching, and other uses.
contribute to an important conversation about race, violence, and power in the United States.
White North Carolinians did not make their state a leader in lynchings, much to the relief of the state’s governors. But North Carolinians still lynched more than one hundred people between the late 1880s and 1960.

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